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Are you an avid do-it-yourself person?

If you are then installing a wall mount bathroom faucet yourself should be another addition to your previous accomplishments.

However before you start out on this project, you have to understand some things first. Since you are a DIY person, you are already aware that you simply can’t attack any new project head on without any prior knowledge of the task at hand.

Here is a simple guide to prepare you.

– First, extra care must be observed in the process of mounting this type of faucet on your bathroom wall because tiles break easily.

– Know what materials are needed. For this project of course you need the valve you are installing, a screwdriver or allen wrench, a drill, some measuring devices, hot tap and cold tap for temperature control.

– Where do your water supply lines run?

To avoid any unnecessary accidents, hire a plumber to determine this. Also, since mounted plumbing fixtures are higher, an adjustment to your water line must be made. Unless you are a plumber yourself, this may be something your DIY powers cannot handle.

– After the plumbing business is done, choose a location for your fixture. Correct measurements are needed to determine exactly where you want the valves to be. Any mistakes may be hard to cover and you might end up needing to re-tile your bathroom as well.

– There must be enough space between the faucet and the top of the sink to avoid splashing water out of the sink when you wash. An inch or two will be adequate.

– Now start drilling. Make sure there are no pipes in the wall you are drilling. To drill the correct size of hole, trace the holes using the valve you are installing with a pencil.

There should be an installation guide with your new wall mount bathroom faucet. Study the instructions and make sure everything can be done without further professional help.

A DIY Guide to Attaching a Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet