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There are many great benefits to the corner shower. First, lets start with a brief explanation of what these showers are. These showers are usually triangular in shape and are made to conserve space in today’s bathrooms. They are made of pre-built fiberglass panes and have pre-cut holes already in them to make plumbing easier. In the past corner showers have not been know for their beauty and style, this has changed in recent years with more contemporary showers. The ability of the showers to save space makes them of great use for many different areas. Today, these showers are being used in hotels, motels, and are fantastic for homeowners, trying to make space in a existing bathroom, or even to make room in the house for a second, full bathroom. These showers can be purchased at most home improvement stores and even online.

While almost all corner showers are made of fiberglass, there are still many styles. Most of these have shower doors that will open up in to the room. They are generally latched with magnets built into the metal frame around the door. Typically there are two styles of doors, curved and sliding, or flat panel doors. The style of door usually represents the ambiance of the room. With the right lighting and tile work around these showers, they look absolutely amazing.

The corner shower is very easy for any professional plumber or re-modeler to install. If you are the do-it-yourself kind, you will have no problem with installing one of these fantastic showers. If the plumbing for a shower is already in place, it will be extremely easy to hook and the plumbing and get the shower set. Any home improvement store should be able to help you with instructions for installation. Before purchasing make sure you know what size shower stall you need including width and height.

Description and Benefits of Corner Showers