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Planning is the key to building your own storage shed. With the proper planning and organization anyone with a basic ability to use hand tools can be successful building their own storage shed.

The following steps will help insure a successful storage shed project:

1. What Will Be Stored in My Storage Shed?

Try to think of everything you plan to store in your new shed. Will the shed be used to store garden tools, lawn mower, hand tools and lawn care tools? Then think of all the other things that could end up in your shed. Bicycles, lawn furniture in the winter months, spare furnace filters and pool supplies.

There are other considerations if your shed is to be used as a workshop, studio or other reasons. Things like sheetrock, insulation, ventilation, electricity and lights. Be aware that a licensed electrician or plumber might be required if you plan to add electricity or plumbing.

2. What Size Storage Shed Will I Need?

The most popular sizes are 8×10 and 10×12 but plan your shed based on what you plan to store in your shed.

After planning all the things you intend to store in your storage shed, be generous because even after all the planning, unexpected things will migrate to your shed. Now is the time to get the size right rather than to add on later.

3. Where Should the Shed be Located?

Consider access to the shed and location of the door. How will you landscaping be affected? How will the shed look from the street? Is there enough slope to the location for water runoff? Will the foundation be affected by trees or tree roots? Are there underground utilities on the site?

Once you determine a location for your shed, check with your home owners association and local zoning office to obtain the necessary approval. This is a necessary step. If approval is not obtained you could be required to move the building. This will not be a problem as long as you get proper approval. A call to your home owners association and local zoning department will answer all your questions such as the need for a permit, inspection and any fees.

4. What Will My New Storage Shed Cost?

First you will need to determine the size storage shed you will build. Next you will need to purchase plans for the shed. Make sure the plans you purchase has a materials list. You will find several locations to purchase plans by doing a Google search for storage sheds.

Once you have the plans and materials list, it is only a matter of checking with a building supply store to get the material prices. The large building supply stores such as Lowes and Home Depot have the material prices online.

• Getting Started.

Order your material and determine how your materials will get to the job. Will the building supply store deliver (most will deliver) and where they should place them. Have the materials placed as close as possible to the shed location.

A little planning should help you have a successful storage shed project.

DIY Storage Shed Planning