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Most home décor stores sell easy installation fountains that come with everything that is necessary to have them up and running. Depending on the kind of fountain you buy, installation can take as little as a few hours or as long as a few days. Here is a look at the options for installation for different types of fountains:

Wall Fountain

While installing a wall fountain, it is important to ensure that the wall chosen is strong enough to take the weight of the fountain and its accessories. Installing a wall fountain usually involves drilling holes into the wall and fixing decorative brackets that can support the fountain. Plumbing also needs to be installed. In case there is no built in pump, you would also need a GFI outlet and intake to which the pump can be connected.

Freestanding Fountains

These are easy installation fountains that come ready with the plumbing. The main thing to ensure is that the location of the fountain must be perfectly level, with a ready GFI outlet into which the fountain can be plugged in.

Statuary Fountains

Statuary Fountain installation is usually in ponds or out of a pond, depending on its base. If it is a small fountain, it can be placed at the edge of a pool with the pump recirculating the water. Large fountains need a stronger base with footings.

Most fountain dealers provide a guide to easy installation along with the fountain, along with instructions on troubleshooting and maintenance. Since fountains are available in different types, sizes, styles and materials, each one requires a different installation.

There is a fountain available for practically any location – indoors or outdoors, on patios, gardens, tabletops inside and so on.

Some tips for easy installation fountains are:

  • Do a little homework in terms of choice available
  • Take stock of space available so that you can choose the right fountain.
  • For outdoor pond fountains, you may want to decide whether you want to add plants, fish, and other enhancements.
  • Think about installation in terms of safety for kids and pets
  • Power options for the fountain are another factor since you will need an electrical outlet depending on type of fountain.
  • If it is a solar fountain, it will need the right positioning vis-à-vis sunlight
  • Think of other factors like gas, cable, electric lines, etc. in case in any digging has to be done.

Another thing about easy installation fountains is whether you can handle it yourself or need to get it professionally done. While some fountains just have to be unpacked, water added and plugged in to be operational, others need extra work in the way of creating support structures, landscaping, plumbing and electrical work. Most people who are handy with basic tools can usually handle easy installation fountains with the instructions provided with the fountain.

Usually freestanding fountains, bamboo fountains, patio fountains, statuary fountains, etc. are all easy installation fountains and hardly involve any complex effort. These are easy to assemble and set up and you can have your fountain working within an hour of bringing it home.

Easy Installation Fountains – Plenty of Options