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There are a number of advantages to this type of shower. The article provides some basic information about these showers and tips for purchasing one of your own.

What is an Electric Shower?

An electric shower, as noted above, is a shower that comes as a single unit and includes a heating element for performing on the spot heating of water connected to it. These showers connect to plumbing and are supplied with cold water from the water mains of a house or apartment building. They heat the water that comes in to a desired temperature for bathing. They are recently coming out in more and more stylish designs and are a great way to go for DIY oriented homeowners that would like to put in showers that are not dependent on traditional water heaters.

What are the Advantages of an Electric Shower?

An electric shower, by circumventing the need for a water heater, can be a very economical device. Their cost of use depends on how many times the shower is used as well as the power consumption of a particular model, but since the electricity is only needed when the shower is in use, a lot of money can potentially be saved on energy bills.

Another advantage is ease of installation. There is only a need to find a space for the electric shower, install it, and hook it up to a cold water supply line. There is no need to worry about putting in a water heater and doing all the plumbing that goes with it.


As with many other items, electric showers offer a range of features and bells and whistles that a purchaser can elect to take advantage of, but which however will probably also raise the price. The basic electric shower contains a riser rail – the vertical bar mounted on the wall of the shower which serves as a suspension point for the shower head and a shower head that can generate a variety of different spray patterns and types. They also contain a thermostat that monitors water temperature and maintains it at a steady level.

Some more advanced features that come with more expensive showers are the ability to change power consumption levels, push button water controls, fanciful electronic displays, shower heads with more spray options, and so forth. Your home improvement budget will determine how expensive a shower you want to look into.

Go for Quality:

Your best bet is probably to go with well-known and quality models when looking for an electric shower. Try to avoid very cheap units. Also look for a comprehensive and long lasting warranty. If you spend slightly more you will most likely find an electric shower that is better looking aesthetically, continues to function smoothly for longer, and is fairly easy to install from a DIY perspective.

Electric showers just may be the wave of the future. They are based on the same sort of principle as tankless water heaters, which heat water right at the mains with a heating element that functions on an as needed basis and are also known to be very economical. If you want a type of shower that goes with the DIY and home improvement ethic, is relatively easy to install, and saves you money as well, consider electric showers.

Essential Buying Tips – Electric Showers