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Fixing issues with your home’s pipes can sometimes being nothing more than regular maintenance, but it is when this pipe repair begins to move into major issue territory that you actually start questioning whether you even want a house anymore. Plumbing problems aren’t fun, and pipe repair can sometimes turn into a real nightmare.

The issue we tend to have with repairing our home’s pipes lies with our inability to properly work on them. Sure, some of us are lucky in that someone in our family briefed us on basic plumbing technique, but the majority of us are flying blind. As is usually the case, we fear what we don’t understand.

But knowing how your plumbing works is incredibly important. Many home improvement experts have even gone so far as to make plumbing the number one priority in any home and for good reason. In the same way that issues in your body’s circulatory system can affect major organs and levels of oxygen, your home can be brought to its knees by a compromised plumbing system.

Here are a five FAQs about pipe repair that you’re likely to ask regarding your own home:

How soon should I start looking for issues? – Even if you have a new home, make it a point to start getting acquainted with your visible plumbing. You might only be able to provide a cursory inspection, but if something appears that wasn’t there before, you’ve likely spotted something that’s not supposed to be there.

Can I do any repairs myself? – Well, of course you can! The best way to save money on repairs is by doing them yourself. If something is loose & should be hand-tight, take care of it. If there is a leak, shut-off the water supply closest to the problem area, and give it a ‘go’. Remember that the internet is your friend, and DIY repair is easier than it has ever been.

Will a quick fix be enough? – Try to steer clear of quick fixes or “hacks” because while they may make things better in the short-term, you’re likely to contend with a bigger issue later on, with some possible long-term consequences.

Will pipe repair impact any future remodeling projects? – Anytime you choose to change the layout of your home, you’ll have to contend with the “stuff” behind walls, such as the electrical and plumbing elements. You may not only have to deal with redirecting these systems, but especially in the case of your plumbing, you need to think about how you’ll be able to get to your pipes if you need to make a repair in the future.

What should I ask about pipe repair when I’m looking for a new home? – One word that comes up during home shopping is ‘inspection’. You’ll need to have a prospective new home inspected prior to purchase. That said, tag along with the inspector & ask questions at every turn if possible. They may be a little annoyed, but you’re likely paying a few hundred dollars for their services, and it’s not their name that will be on a thirty-year mortgage.

Pipe repair is not a fun topic to discuss, but reconciling with it will make you a more proactive homeowner, and that is the first step in keeping your home operating at its fullest potential.

Five FAQS About Pipe Repair In Your Home