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Do you have a home-improvement project coming up? Lots of people today are taking on almost any home-improvement project you can think of on their own. But before you begin, here are five questions that you need to ask yourself.

1. Do I really know how to do this? – yes, it's tempting to just jump in with both feet and tackle any home-improvement job that comes along. After all, it's going to save money if you do it yourself, right? Not necessarily. There are some jobs around the home that demand much more skill than others. For instance if you don't really know what you're doing with plumbing or electrical systems, you could not only cost yourself a lot of money, but you could also get hurt. So think long and hard before starting those kind of home-improvement projects on your own.

2. Do I have enough experience? – other home improvement projects, such as plastering, aren't necessarily difficult to do, but they do require a certain amount of talent and experience in order to make the finished product come out right. So if you care about the way the job is going to look when it is done, make sure that you have the experience needed before you start.

3. Do I have the time to finish this job? – a lot depends on your daily schedule. If you have nothing but time on your hands, it may not matter how long this job takes. On the other hand, if you work for a living, and are doing this in your spare time, then it may actually pay you to have someone else do the work while you are still earning money. Just keep in mind that any home-improvement job is probably going to take you longer to accomplish than the average professional, and you should plan accordingly.

4. Do I have the necessary equipment? – there are several jobs around the home that require special equipment to accomplish. Of course, you can probably rent almost any tool that you will ever need. But that gets very expensive very fast. So if you have a budget for each home improvement project that you tackle, make sure that you have figured in the cost for any specialized tools that will be needed before you get started. Another solution is to check among your network of friends and family to see if any of them might have the tools that you need.

5. Is this job allowed? – some projects are simply going to have to require a permit in order to be legal. Don't ever try to complete a project without a permit if the laws require it in your area. It can be irritating and frustrating to have to get your plans approved before you get started, but it just simply has to be done.

One of the biggest problems that homeowners face when they start out on do it yourself home improvements is the lack of proper planning. Don't let that happen to you. Before starting any project, ask yourself the five questions listed above and they will help you start out on the right foot.

Five Questions to Ask before Making Do It Yourself Home Improvements