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Next time you have a dripping tap don’t worry. There is no need to call the plumber. Here I will give you a simple guide to fixing the drip drip drip that is so annoying.

The majority of the time all you need to do is change the washer and only four tools are need: spanner; wire wool; screwdriver and cloth.

You must start by turning of the water supply, which is normally a tap in the cupboard under your kitchen sink, then turn the tap on so all the water in the pipe runs out. If the water is flowing out at a fast rate you have not turned the water supply off properly so go back and try again.

If you have an old fashioned tap remove the cover and unscrew the nut where you will see the jumper. This holds the washer so this must be replaced. If you have a modern tap pull off the hot/cold sign on the top and unscrew the screw inside using your screwdriver. Once this has been removed you will be able to see the jumper.

Once the washer is off you must clean everywhere with the wire wool as the grease and dirt build-up is normally the reason the washer corrodes. You can get the washers from most DIY stores but make sure you get the right size. Normally basin and sink washers are ½ inch think and bath taps are ¾ inch. Do not switch on the water supply until you have replaced the washer.

Fixing a Dripping Tao