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Camping in the outdoors with family and friends has been the passion of millions of people in Europe and America. People just like to spend their weekends and other holidays in the midst of dense forests in the wild. For achieving their desired goals they require campers that are ideally suited for being towed away to the campsite with the help of a pickup truck. With the invent of pickup trucks the utility of these vehicles for towing folding campers and trailers has increased resulting in many of them especially being manufactured for the purpose of towing. In this article we will be discussing about the various types of folding campers and how to maintain them.

Types of Folding Campers
Camper Shell – They are also known as Topper or Cap and are basically regarded as pickup truck accessory that is usually mounted on the rear bed of the vehicle. They serve as firm canopy or small housing units and are available in different shapes and sizes according to the dimensions of the rear bed of the truck. These shells are popular amongst pickup truck owners in Europe and America and are being widely used for the dual purpose of covering the trucks bed as well as protecting the valuables stored inside from possible theft and the elements.

Pop-up Campers – They are also known as folding or tent campers and can easily be folded or dismantled for the purpose of easy transportation. The main advantage of having such type of units is, you can take it at any camping site and erect it either vertically or horizontally as per your requirements. Due to their flexibility in use, these units are ideally suited for the adventure enthusiasts who’d love to enjoy camping without high transportation costs. These units are generally made from canvas or other soft materials which make them naturally light in weight due to which they can easily be towed away without the need of using a heavy duty truck having high towing capacity.

Maintenance Tips
To get the most out of your folding camper and to increase the overall life of it you have to follow certain maintenance tips which will help you in keeping your investment in tip-top shape and it will definitely serve you for a lifetime.

Proper Cleaning – Always make it a point to keep your unit free from dirt and grime by washing it often with a non-abrasive cleanser and warm water. Look out for dirt, bird droppings and tree saps and wash them thoroughly. Keep the inside clean by using mils dish soap and warm water for cleaning hardware and sink fixtures.

Plumbing – When you are not using it, the water inside the plumbing fixtures must be drained. For this purpose use the owner’s manual for proper instructions and guidance.

Clean the Appliances – Take care of your appliances by cleaning the brushed chrome with mild soap and water and dry with a soft cloth. You can also apply a light coat of oil and even refer the owner’s manual for the best way to maintain each and every appliance.

Proper Storage – While storing consider placing some type of rodent control products and seal off any kind of opening through which insects and rodents can gain access. Periodically inspect the unit while in storage.

Folding Camper – Types and Maintenance Tips