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Hypnosis is a powerful self-help tool which you may have the wrong idea about. It seems that there are myths and misconceptions tied into the process which prevent people to receive and enjoy the many benefits Hypnosis offers.

The reality is that many of our challenges stem from the way we think and perceive ourselves to be. Unlike medication which only change the chemistry of the body and therefore the symptoms, hypnosis help you change the way you think and experience life.

In my office I find that the best course of treatment for many of the conditions I am called to address is to benefit from both. Hypnosis as such is a valuable complimentary to any medical treatment.

If you have thought about benefiting from hypnosis, please read ahead. My hope is that the information below will allow you to overcome any concern you may have, and realize that hypnosis is a safe, painless and drugless, noninvasive course of treatment.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

If you can daydream, visualize your favorite vacation place and imagine that you are there, you will benefit from hypnosis. Anyone of normal intelligent who is willing and capable of follow the hypnotist instructions can be hypnotized.

Can Self-Hypnosis make me do things I don’t want to?

You are in control at all times, and in fact your mind will reject any suggestion that will not reflect your own desires to change. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are not a form of magic but a ordinary phenomenon of the mind. It is a natural state of mind that occurs when the mind is focused while the body is relaxed.

Can I get “stuck” in hypnosis?

There is no such a thing as getting “stuck” in hypnosis, no more then you can get stuck in daydreaming or sleep. All it takes for you to emerge from hypnosis is your decision to do so. A common way to emerge from self-hypnosis is to simply count your way up to the number 5, noting to yourself that on the count of 5 you will be fully emerged… eyes open… feeling so good and so relaxed…. Remember, you are in full control.

How many times should I listen to the session?

We learn through repetition. Remember how you used to study hard for an exam at school? Of course you do. The same principle apply here too. The more you listen to the session the quicker you will experience change. Remember, it is your willingness, desire and open mind that will determine the success of the change.

Will I experience immediate results from my self-hypnosis session?

You can certainly expect to enjoy some immediate results and benefits from self-hypnosis. Some experience habit changes after just a few or even one session. However, hypnosis isn’t magic, and it may take few sessions to create lasting change in your life. we must be realistic here and remember that we are changing habits which we developed over years. Be patient with yourself, and know that with commitment and repetition you will achieve your goals.

I am so relaxed and yet I can hear you, am I really hypnotized?

You are likely to hear and remember everything about your session and I want you to. Hypnosis is a state of concentration and focused attention, and as such, you will hear and be aware of words and suggestions. Your subconscious mind will continue to listen, it always does even in the profound state of relaxation that is experienced by hypnosis. Listen to excerpts of self-hypnosis sessions at .

If I listen to your Weight loss CD every day, can I still eat anything I want?

The goal of our self-hypnosis audio programs is to help you change what you choose for yourself by establishing healthier eating habits. When you listen to the cd, you are training your mind to think in a new and beneficial way. If you make the effort to listen and absorb the healthy suggestion I am giving you while reserving judgment for 21 days, you will be successful and see the results.

The 21 days rule is designed to give you the necessary time to build a strong foundation for your new eating habits. On completion of this program and even before you will naturally gravitate to healthier eating which will work in line with your wish to lose weight.

Learn more about weight-loss and self-hypnosis at, where you will find a library of recordings designed for weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions & Misconceptions About Hypnosis