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Did you know that the Roman’s used lead pipes to deliver water to their homes and bath houses, it’s true and perhaps that is why Washington DC used lead pipes too? Of course, over the years we have learned that lead is a real problem for the human body and causes all sorts of ailments; it’s very bad for you.

Unfortunately, most of Washington DC still has lead pipes and you can imagine the costs to re-plumb the entire city and all the government buildings right? Some joke that the lead poisoning is why all the Congressmen vote the way they do, and well, I am just not going to go there.

Nevertheless, now-a-days you cannot put lead pipes in your home, no home inspector would ever accept that, nor would you wish to do that to yourself or family. But here is an interesting tid bit, you know all those old Roman Pipes? They are still there and some good as new, so maybe there cared more about longevity of their infrastructure than they did their bodies; although the way they worshiped their bodies with statues, that would be hard to believe.

Today, we use copper pipes which are very expensive, due to the high world-wide demand for copper. We also use plastic pipes, which no one knows the long-term implications of this to human health as those old plastic pipes become brittle and allow plastic flakes into the our homes fresh water supplies. Lead poisoning is serious and over time deadly, causing shortened life spans; so much for Roman ingenuity?

Home Plumbing and Why We Use Copper Instead of Lead