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Find out how to hypnotize someone in a normal conversation. With this skill, you can turn people into puppets – and you’re the master pulling the strings.

Imagine what it would be like if you could secretly implant commands in other people’s minds  while talking about seemingly superficial topics like the weather, a football game, a movie or a restaurant that you visited.

That is the power of conversational hypnosis – and everybody can learn to master it. These mind control techniques have been hidden from everyday people for a long time. But fortunately nowadays, they are available to everyone.

What’s funny is that it seems the secrecy wasn’t necessary in the first place. Because while the people who knew about these methods and did use them in their lives did not want others to know about them – it didn’t really matter when the secrets leaked out.

Because most people simply do not even believe that it is possible. And thus, they never learn about these techniques, let alone try to master them.

But if you invest about 30 minutes every single day to really become good at conversational hypnosis, you will be able to hypnotize someone in a normal conversation whenever you want.

Thanks to hypnotic language patterns and the art of covert hypnosis, you can give people very specific instructions and hypnotic suggestions – and they will not even notice it. Your commands just fly under the radar.

One example is the use of embedded commands. Look at the following sentence: “You, just like me, might sometimes don’t feel like going to work, but hey, what can we do, right? A job is a job, and it should get done.”

Now, within that sentence there was a covert command: “you just like me”. It’s a way of making other people like you. When they like you, they will make an effort to please you and their minds will become more gullible to your suggestions. This is a very simple, basic beginners demonstration of conversational hypnosis techniques, and there is so much more to it.

But if you start to use even these basic techniques more often in your day to day conversations, you will already become a much more persuasive and influential person.

How To Hypnotize Someone In A Normal Conversation