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It always happens, and I know I am at fault. I can’t seem to help it and I know I drive my wife wild.

I used to drive her wild in positive ways in days gone by of course. I was young and free and no mind to household business.

Then I got engaged and then married – that is when things changed.

I don’t know if it is the “hunter-gatherer” in me or just bloody mindedness but I cannot but help doing little jobs around the house. A shelf here and there, some electrical refurbishment over in that corner and some much-needed plumbing in the bathroom.

And, as always happens, what starts off as a good intentions gets left on the back burner for months. If it is not the mess of all the tools and debris then it is the non-functionality of the object(s) I am trying to repair, install or erect.

The end point is usually either a rush job (better if visitors are in prospect) or calling in someone to complete the job I have started – the latter always costing more because of the extra work that needs to be done after my involvement.

There are always looks of incredulity and suspicion. Luckily, my son is of an age where I can pass off a botched job on him in the same way that a bad smell can always be blamed on the dog.

But I still cannot stop. The hunter-gatherer makes me want to be in control and fend for my and my family’s survival.

As if a shelf could even DO that!

I Always Do A Bad DIY Job