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It looks so elegant, supporting a sink on a slender stem – no wonder pedestal sinks are such favorite in bath fixture displays. Yes, they look good, and there’s something appealing about their classic shape. What’s more, they can make a small space bigger, especially one that housed a vanity previously.

However, when you put in a pedestal sink, you may lose storage space. And, it’s more complicated to install than it looks: You need to remove the wall covering to install a cleat to support the sunk. That’s right – a pedestal sink is basically a wall-mounted sink. All the pedestal does is partially obscure the waste line and trap – and look good.

And contrary to the “beauty” shots in plumbing catalogs, pedestal sinks do not eliminate having to look at plumbing lines. The supply lines on a pedestal sink that’s actually installed are connected to shutoff valves located on both exterior sides of the pedestal – they’re highly visible. If you prefer a pedestal, that’s something to keep in mind.

Install support blocking: since the sink portion of a pedestal sink is attached to the wall, you’ll need to attach a cleat between the wall studs to support it properly. Start by locating the wall studs with a stud finder, and then remove only enough wall covering to expose the studs. Next, notch the studs with a handsaw and a chisel to accept the support cleat and secure it to the studs with 3″ galvanized screws.

Reinstall drywall: with the support cleat in place, you can reinstall the drywall. Measure carefully and cut a piece to fit. Then measure and lay out holes for the plumbing and cut these with a drywall saw or hole saw. Position the drywall on the wall and secure to the studs with drywall screws or nails.

Install sink-mounting hardware: the sink will attach to the wall and support cleat in one of three ways: it’ll hang on a bracket attached to the cleat, it’ll be fastened to the cleat with hanger bolts, or it’ll use both. Whichever method is used, it’s best to set the sink on the pedestal and set both in their final position against the wall. Then mark the location of the bracket, or mark through the mounting holes of the sink onto the wall. Drill the recommended-sized holes for screws or bolts and, with the aid of a helper, hold the sink in place and secure it with the hardware provided.

Install faucet and pop-up mechanism: before you mount the sink to the wall, it’s easiest to install the faucet, tailpiece, and pop-up mechanism now. With the faucet installed, set the sink in place and secure it with the hardware provided.

Ideas of How to Install Pedestal Sinks