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Still one of the most popular styles of bathroom suite available, a straight sided fitted bath with WC and basin is something you might be thinking of installing yourself, if you have a reasonable level of DIY expertise.

When installing your straight bath, remember that you may have to drill your own tap holes. This is not a cost-saving on the part of the manufacturer but an effort to put more of the decision-making into the hands of the consumer.

If there are no tap holes pre-drilled, you can choose to have a floor-standing or wall mounted tap, or you can choose exactly where your bath mounted taps are positioned. Generally speaking, a double ended bath will have its taps in the middle of one side and a single ended bath will have them up at the end. It is, however, up to you – do whatever will suit you and your bathroom layout best.

Other considerations when it comes to fitting your straight sided bath are:

路 Once it’s filled with water, your bath will be heavy. If your existing bathroom doesn’t have a bath installed, check that your floor joists will be able to take the strain of your new bath.

路 For ease, fit your taps and waste before you put your bath in place – it will be tricky to reach beneath the bath to attach them later.

路 Use a spirit level to ensure your bath is level despite any uneven pieces of flooring. Most baths come with a supporting framework and legs which are adjustable to help accommodate uneven flooring below the bath.

Of course, your bath is only one part of your bathroom suite. You’ll also need to install your new toilet and basin. When installing your toilet, remember that the soil stack is the most costly and resource intensive piece of plumbing to move. You can help make an easy, low-cost installation more likely by retaining the position of your soil stack – which means that the ‘rough-in’ of your new toilet should match that of your old one.

And when it comes to fixing your basin in place, remember that:

路 The pedestal piece on a pedestal basin conceals the water supply and waste pipes for you. Other arrangements will need to be made to hide these pipes if another style of basin is fitted.

路 As with your bath, it’s easier to fit your taps to your basin and then install the basin, rather than the other way around.

Of course, the above tips are just that – tips. You should always ensure that you follow any specific plumbing instructions or guidelines which are provided with your new bathroom suite to ensure you make the most of your new purchases.

Installing a Straight Bath Bathroom Suite