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One range of bathroom furniture which is supplied by a few different companies in the UK is Windsor. A high gloss white range with chrome handles, it is easy to coordinate with other items – hence its popularity. Buying simple white bathroom furniture means that you won't have any problems with clashing colors and are free to pick the accessories, tiles, and wall and floor coverings which most appeal to you.

The range of fitted furniture includes a WC unit, different sizes of vanity units, different sizes of storage units, and some mirror cabinets: choose the styles of furniture you need to complete your coordinated, storage friendly bathroom refurbishment.

Installation of Windsor furniture, as with other bathroom furniture, is relatively straightforward. I won't try here to provide a guide to plumbing, but would recommend that a novice DIYer seek professional assistance with plumbing in their new basin, WC, bath and shower. Any electrical items which you might choose as part of your bathroom installation – an electric shower, for example, or an illuminated bathroom mirror – should always be fitted by a professional.

Begin by looking at your existing layout of pipes. The water supply and waste pipes running to your toilet and basin will ultimately be concealed by your WC unit and vanity unit respectively. Both of these pieces of bathroom furniture will be delivered uncut, however, so you will need to measure and then cut or drill to allow access for these pipes. You should measure and cut carefully, as mis-measurement and slips while cutting could be expensive to rectify – you may even need to buy a replacement unit.

When you're attaching your bathroom furniture to the wall, the same rule applies: measure carefully, and double check your measurements before you drill a hole, to avoid spending time rectifying your own errors. Be careful not to drill into a live wire in your wall, too: you can buy sensors which will alert you to the presence of an electrical cable, but these vary in quality and efficacy. Most cables run from the floor directly up to a power socket, or from the ceiling down to a light switch. Avoiding the immediate area around these lines when drilling is sensible practice when doing DIY in any room. If you don't have anyone to assist you when you're attaching your bathroom furniture to your walls, you could try building a timber frame to support in position the item you're working on while you secure its fixings.

Always ensure you read and follow specific fitting instructions provided by the manufacturer of your bathroom furniture: they are best placed to tell you the things you need to know and any general fitting advice can be only that – general.

Installing Your Windsor Bathroom Furniture