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Keurig recently introduced two new commercial level K cup coffee brewers specifically for office or home office use. These two models will be available for purchase in addition to Keurig’s already popular coffee makers such as the B70, B60, B40 and its B30 mini brewer.

The B150 and B155 commercial brewers have convenient and thoughtful features that will really shine in an office setting with multiple workers accessing the machines.

The new brewers are very adaptable and can accommodate a wide variety of cup sizes and the temperature of the individual servings is also configurable. All of these options are controlled by very easy to use touch screen interfaces. The touch screen interface on the commercial brewers will make it very easy for office workers to brew their own K cup coffee in under a minute. The convenient touch screen process on the commercial brewers walks you through the entire brewing process; this can be very helpful to people who may be new to single serve coffee and those who may not have used a Keurig brewing machine before.

In addition to ease of use, another benefit of the touch screen interface on the new commercial brewers is the fact that these new controls will operate with multiple language support. In addition to English, the touch screen controls also feature optional instructions translated to both Spanish and French.

The B150 in particular has a unique feature when it comes to refilling the machine with water. The B150 can utilize a new direct line plumbing feature that does away with the need to manually refill the water reservoir of the coffee machine. All Keurig K cup coffee machines have a removable water reservoir, but this new direct line water replenishing ability makes it even easier to integrate in an office setting with many workers relying on the same coffee brewing machine.

If no direct line water feed is available in your office, still each of the two new commercial machines feature a large 90 ounce water tank. This is the largest available water tank found on any K cup coffee brewers to date and is enough water reserve to brew 18 cups of coffee.

The Keurig B150 commercial coffee brewer features five cup sizes: 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. cups and additionally 10 oz., and 12 oz travel mug sizes. The B155 single serve brewer offers four sizes in comparison, omitting only the largest 12 ounce travel mug size from the B150 list.

Keurig Introduces B150, B155 Commercial K Cup Coffee Brewers