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Regular maintenance and a little bit of attention is required to keep your septic system functioning smoothly. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that it works efficiently.

Frequent Pumping and Regular Inspection

The time between each pumping for a tank will depend on its size. Most of them have to be pumped once every three to five years. But what’s very important is a regular inspection. This means that every year you should ask a professional service to inspect the tank and check whether it needs to be pumped. By measuring the level of sludge, they will tell you if it is required or not.

Efficient Use of Water

Excessive water can lead to the whole system failing. The soil needs to absorb the water which is used in your home. So if there is too much put into the soil, the absorption will get affected and it could damage the drainfield. In order to avoid this, keep a check on all the appliances that use a lot of water and try to reduce unnecessary wastage. The more you can cut down the consumption, the better it will be for the life of the septic system.

Avoid the Chemicals

Chemicals can harm the soil as well as the bacteria present in the system to break down the material. Avoid putting paint, gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil or any other chemical that is toxic and will be difficult to get broken down.

Dispose Minimal Solid Waste

Solid waste can affect the tank in a big way. If there are too many materials to be broken down, they may not decompose properly. This will build up in the tank and damage it subsequently. To avoid this, limit the solids you put down the drain and dispose of them in some other way.

Keep An Eye Open for the Signs

Think of your septic tank like your car. Like the car engine needs to be taken care of and maintained properly, the same thing applies to this structure. So keep a look out for certain signs that will indicate that something is wrong in the system. So back-up in the drains, a sudden slow-down in the rate at which water drains in the sinks, a smell from the kitchen and bathroom or gurgling sounds from the plumbing system are all signs that you need to get someone to check the septic tank. You should also keep an eye on the area where the drainfield is buried because you may notice if there is any leaking. A common sign of that is lush grass even during the dry summer months.

Maintenance Tips To Make Sure Your Septic System Works Efficiently