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In a couple of days your home will be filled with laughter and song for the holidays. No matter what you’re celebrating, the memories of this season should be of good times and happy sounds, not screaming and wide-eyed horror when your toilet is backing up!

It’s no secret that a large volume of company in your home equals a large volume of bathroom use. Why do some homes have problem-free bathrooms while others make you cringe every time the bathroom door is shut? The answer is almost always maintenance.

Why is Water Coming up in Your Shower? Plumbing works on the premise that liquid flows downward. If water or sewage can’t flow freely downward, it will start to back up and flow into the lowest opening from the clog. That is why not every clog is indicative of where it started. For instance, a clogged kitchen sink, if backed up far enough down the line, might cause a dishwasher to flood a kitchen floor or first floor shower.

Plumbing in your home allows sewage to leave from each individual drain, but that isn’t enough to get it out of your house. All your drains eventually meet up until only one leaves your home.

What do you need to know about your plumbing? Bathroom horror stories can almost always be avoided by adhering to some simple rules of thumb. They may seem like no-brainers to you, but you are not the only one using your facilities, especially during a holiday!

  • It’s difficult to keep toddlers out of the bathroom. There’s always something fascinating about a toilet flush! Keep in mind that they want to see what happens when a toy is thrown into the toilet. Many times the toy is small enough to slide out of view without your knowledge. Paying close attention to this will save hundreds of dollars because the potential exists to actually break a toilet, or clog up your plumbing.
  • Shower drains usually go unnoticed until your ankles are swimming. Make sure to pay extra attention to the drain for hair that can result in a nasty clog. If you don’t catch it before it goes down, the result can be a lot more costly. If you don’t want to reach in with your fingers and pull it out, use a screwdriver. Don’t flush the hair; instead throw it in the garbage.
  • If you see that your toilet is flushing slowly, or the sink is taking too long to drain, hire a plumber to clean out your sewer line, just to be sure. Often a larger problem lurks down the line that if remains unchecked, can lead to much larger problems.

Ignoring the little things can make the big things costly and time intensive. You won’t regret being proactive!

Plumbing Woes Can Ruin Your Holiday Fun