Self help hypnosis CDs and downloads are popular online, but does self hypnosis work? Yes, it absolutely does … if you do it right. You can achieve life-changing positive hypnosis and self improvement hypnosis if you avoid the mistake that's the number one reason why self hypnosis fails.

To understand the big mistake you need to avoid, you need to understand hypnotic suggestion.

Your unconscious mind is a computer, and you can tell this computer to do specific things so it will reach certain outcomes. You do this with hypnotic suggestions.

There are three types of suggestions:

1. Pre-hypnotic suggestion is given before the hypnotic process. It's a way to prepare the mind for hypnosis. By giving this warm up suggestions, your get your mind to refer back to them automatically.

2. Hypnotic suggestion are the verbal suggestions given while in a state of hypnosis. They're the stated instructions for your subconscious mind.

3. Visualization is used to activate the imagination to help reach the unconscious mind. Because the unconscious mind deals in symbols and pictures, visualization creates a direct connection with your unconscious.

The big mistake that most people make with doing positive hypnosis on themselves is they try to use regular hypnotic suggestions. This is sets you up for failure because these suggestions require using the conscious intellect, and when you use that, your critical mind comes on board. The critical mind breaks the connection to the receptive, unconscious mind. And when that connection is broken, self help hypnosis fails.

Effective self help using hypnosis sticks to pre-hypnotic suggestion and visualization. And it uses visualization in one of two specific ways. If you want something too much, this can hamper your success with these techniques. These forms of visualization create some distance between you and the result you want:

1. Go to a point after you've achieved what you want, long after you've achieved it so that it's "old hat."

2. Use "Smaller Step Visualization." You rehearse behavior by visualizing the small steps you need to take to reach your goal.

Avoiding this big mistake will make it possible for you to have success with self hypnosis, but you can rev up your results even more. I recommend you invest in a training program that teaches you to use hypnosis in all aspects of your life, especially in interactions with others. The program I love is called Street Hypnosis, and you can find out more about it in the resource box below.

Positive hypnosis and self improvement hypnosis can be hugely beneficial. Done right, these techniques can transform all areas of your life.

The Number One Reason Positive Hypnosis And Self Improvement Hypnosis Fail