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Drain clogging is a common problem faced in many households. The network of pipes that run along the walls of the house could appear complex. But a basic understanding of how these pipes work can help you deal with the problem of clogged drains.

Clogged drains could pose a serious threat if you do not pay attention to what goes down there. A little maintenance could help in prolonging the life of the plumbing pipe, prevent leakages and also avoid any expensive repairs.

Using chemicals to clear the drains appears to be the simplest way to solve the problem. These however in most cases cause more harm than benefits. These products do not remove the clog properly which can sometimes cause the problem to occur again. Chemicals also tend to react with the iron eventually resulting in breaks and leaks. A better option is to purchase a snake that effectively dislodges the stoppages in pipes. Electric snakes are available too that provide remarkable and efficient results.

Preventing the drain from clogging

In addition to causing a nuisance, accumulated water could add pressure on the drain pipes, reducing their lifespan. Rather than working on fixing the problem, preventing it in the first place could help greatly. Below are few tips you could follow for the same and make use of:

Leftover food particles waste and scraps should be strictly kept away from the kitchen drain. Empty these into trash before washing the dishes.

Liquid grease can also sometimes harm the inner surface of drain pipes. Pouring them down the drain sounds like the most appropriate option when disposing them, but doing so could result in clogged drains after a while. Transfer them into sealed containers and empty the container into garbage.

Hair is another common reason for clogged drains. Try and keep hair from finding its way into the bathroom drain. Sims placed over the drains in bathtubs and showers are an easy way to block the hair. This can be disposed off once a week to avoid piling.

The toilet drains should only witness toilet paper and sewage. Anything other than these could result in clogged drains.

A simplest and easy way to ensure a smooth flowing drain is the hot water treatment. You could run boiling water through the drain pipe every fifteen days or once in a month. This is believed to work wonderfully in preventing the clogged drain problem.

Tips to Prevent Drain Clogs