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Setting up an Aquaponic System at home can be easy. In this article I will give you easy, step-by-step instructions for what materials you will need to set up your very own Aquaponic system. Don’t be intimidated, anyone can do it!!

I will get you started with a simple list of materials you should purchase to begin building your very own aquaponic system at home. These supplies should be easy to find and inexpensive too!

The Basics

Here’s what you need to get started:

• Fish tank

• Grow Bed

• Grow Bed Support

• Water Pump

• Pipework and fittings

Supply Details

Here’s a little more detail about the supplies you need.

Fish Tank

The best option for a fish tank in a DIY aquaponics system is a stock tank/water trough, which you can get from animal feed/agricultural suppliers. Stock tanks can be used as is, with no modification required and they look more attractive than other options.

The fish tank should have the same volume as the grow bed, ie. a 1:1 ratio. The tank should be relatively low and wide so there is plenty of surface area in relation to volume for better exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide..

Opaque containers are best, if you choose one that’s not opaque algae may be a problem.

Grow Bed

The best option is a hydroponic flood tray, which you can get from hydroponics suppliers. They only require minor modifications in order to install fittings. A depth of 12″ is best because it allows you to grow the widest variety of vegetables.


The best type of pump is a magnetic drive pump because it has less moving parts, and there are no seals to wear out. The pump should have a sufficient flow rate to circulate the entire volume of the fish tank at least once an hour.

Auto Siphon

An auto siphon controls the flooding and draining of the grow bed.

Plumbing Components


• drain – 1″ PVC pipe

• water inlet – either flexible tubing or rigid PVC pipe, 1/2″ diameter or greater.


• drain – 2 elbows and 1 bulkhead

• water inlet – bulkhead and valve/tap

You can get all of the above from a hardware store, hydroponics store or pond equipment supplier. The process is easiest when you follow along on a DIY video while setting-up the system. Once you’ve purchased all the materials mentioned above, you are ready to begin setting up the system.

What You Need to Set-Up An Aquaponic System